Monday Links!

April 21, 2008

Emma Watson turns 18, gives her first skirt – Celebitchy

Tyra Banks is moving in with next to Leonardo DiCaprio – Celebs Now

Paris Hilton likes doing everything with best friend Nicole Richie, even getting married – let’s have a double wedding! – CelebWarship

Denise Richards takes the daughters out for a day at the park – Dana’s Dirt

Yep, Jamie Lynn’s pregnant – Daily Stab

What Carrot Top would look like as a redneck – Distortrait

Gossip Girl takes over New York Magazine – Farandulista

Kristy Lee Cook may not be the next American Idol, but at least she’s got love in her life – she’s engaged – Fatback Media

And in other American Idol news, Brooke White is the new “Vote for the Worst” – Gabby Babble

Sting stole Roxanne?!? Say it isn’t so – Forgotten Journal

Nick Lachey is proud of his car-racing brother – Gabsmash

Alicia Keys on the Today Show – Geno’s World

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