Angie Harmon Allure

April 21, 2008

Angie Harmon is one of five actresses appearing nude for Allure magazine. Check out the photos below.

Harmon is a self-described prude when it comes to taking off her clothes. Before this shoot, she says the closest she ever came to public nudity was skinny dipping with her husband on a private beach.

“I’m very, very modest. The hardest part was when the robe came off and I was like, And now I’m… naked,” Harmon says. “You wonder if they can see your Cesarean scar.”

No worries Angie, we appreciate the modest front, but we also know about that little independent film ‘Lawn Dogs’ where you bared all in a little less artistic manner. Harmon will be joined by the beautiful Gabrielle Union of ‘Night Stalker,’ Zoe McLellan of ‘Dirty Sexy Money,’ Jill Scott and Ana Ortiz.

Check out more photos of Angie and the girls below.

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