Oprah’s Big Give Winner Announced

April 20, 2008

Spoiler alert!! The season finale of “Oprah’s Big Give” is tonight on ABC at 8 p.m. EST, and we’ll finally have a winner chosen. The three finalists are Brandi Milloy, Stephen Paletta, and Cameron Johnson.

The premise of the show is to take the ten contestants and challenge them to change the lives of others by giving. At the end of each episode the participants are judged on their creativity, accomplishments, leadership, and presentation. What the contestants don’t know is that they’re also competing for a $1 million prize of their own.

The show has had celebrity participants all the way through, and tonight on the season finale Jennifer Aniston makes her guest appearance. The producers have been touting a “big secret” that Jen reveals, and my guess is that she gets to drop the $1 million bomb on the final three.

The challenge for tonight’s show is that the contestants are given no money and little time to make a difference.

I’ll update with the results after the show … stay tuned!

Update: Cameron, Steve and Brandi decide to make their last big give a donation to the Chicago Hope Academy. Cameron and Brandi aren’t too excited that Steve is using his own connections, and then Steve steals the spotlight from the group in announcing a show by the Blue Man Group … even though it was Cameron who was able to get the guys to perform and get a $100,000 donation.

Brandi and Cameron have left Steve to handle the Blue Man Group on his own … without telling him. Steve is a little embarrassed that Cameron got this donation and then didn’t even show up. Traffic sucks in Chicago apparently. Right now Steve looks like he’s in the lead, but there’s a lot of show left.

Brandi finally pulls something off. She set up a once a month cooking class at Shriner’s Hospital and Cameron’s $10,000 went to toys, books, and movies for the kids.

They’re back in the studio for the judges’ decision. But first it’s Jennifer Aniston’s turn to give. Every participant on the show received $30,000 just for competing, and they had no idea.

Here we go! And the winner is … Stephen Paletta!! Brandi and Cameron each received $100,000 and Stephen got $500,000 for himself and $500,000 to give to others.

See more photos of the contestants from “Oprah’s Big Give” and a video clip introducing the contestants below.

“Oprah’s Big Give” Video

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