Jennifer Servo Is Slain Reporter

April 19, 2008

Meet Jennifer Servo, a KRBC-TV reporter, who was murdered inside her apartment in Abilene, TX in 2002. The case made numerous headlines but the unknown fugitive is still out of reach. See her photos, biography and a video calling justice for her here.

Jennifer’s case was recently featured on “48 Hours Mystery” in the hope that new leads might result from the same.

“I am hopeful that the segment will help,” Sherry Abel, Jennifer’s mother, wrote in an e-mail Tuesday.

Jennifer Servo Biography

Jennifer Olson Servo was born on Sept. 23, 1979 so her age was 22 at the time of her murder. What really moved me was that she was just a week away from celebrating her 23rd birthday at that time.

She was a typical small-town girl with big dreams. She always wanted to become a top news anchor and to live in a New York high-rise building.

“She said she was going to someday fly us, in her private jet, to New York City,” said Sherry Abel. “And, a big black limousine would come pick us up and take her to her penthouse apartment.”

After graduation in 2002, her career got out to a flying start when she landed a job in KRBC-TV and also got a loving boyfriend, Ralph Sepulveda, a former Army ranger.

But… it was not long ago when her dreams were shattered and she was found dead on Sept. 16, 2002. You can read about the whole story here.

There is also a website dedicated to Jennifer calling for any help in her case.

Detective Jeff Bell, who has worked closely with Servo’s family to solve the homicide, is hopeful of any breakthrough after the airing of the show, filmed in October last year.

More photos and ‘Justice For Jessica’ video are below.

Jennifer Servo Video

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