Madonna YouTube Video Message

April 19, 2008

Madonna’s latest video, “4 Minutes”, has been blowing up YouTube since it was leaked in March 2008. The song was part of Madonna’s latest album, Hard Candy, which is set to be released April 29. The song will also appear in the upcoming comedy movie starring Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway, “Get Smart”.

But apparently the song has been so popular that others are making their own videos for it. Enough YouTube videos have been made that Madonna decided to post a response to the video responses. In the clip, you can see Madonna vacuuming her video set in over-the-knee “F#$% me” boots, encouraging other video makers to also clean up after themselves. Kinda bizarre if you ask me.

Justin Timberlake flew to London to work with Madonna and Timbaland on the new song. After getting caught leaving a studio, Justin explained,

“I’ve been working on new music but it’s not for myself. I’m working on some stuff for Madonna.”

For her part, Madonna compared working with JT to “psychoanalytic sessions” because they were so intense.

See more photos of Madonna promoting Hard Candy, the YouTube video message, and the video for “4 Minutes” below.

Madonna Video – Message to YouTube

Madonna Video – “4 Minutes”

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