Priscilla Presley vs Kelly Ripa

April 17, 2008

Priscilla Presley was a guest on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ this morning and caused a very awkward moment with Kelly Ripa. Check out the video below.

Priscilla was on the show discussing ‘Dancing With the Stars’ when Regis and Kelly asked a question at the same time. Regis gave way to Kelly, but Priscilla interrupted her and tension filled the room fast.

“I’m sorry Regis, what did you say? Because she kinda butt in.”

Kelly apologizes and Priscilla gives a nonforgiving laugh but then doesn’t drop it. Regis is squirming in his seat between the two of them with a priceless look on his face.

“I know that this happens a lot.”

The whole thing went down only one minute into the interview and it was obvious that Kelly didn’t take too kindly to Priscilla’s actions. She didn’t say a word the rest of the interview, even when Regis gave her an open door to comment. Check it out here. Gotta love a little cat fight. Below you can see the video and pictures of Priscilla on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ including when she decided to go Madonna on us and crawl across the floor. Yikes.

Priscilla Presley vs Kelly Ripa Video

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12 Responses to “Priscilla Presley vs Kelly Ripa”

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  1. 1
    Average Jane Says:

    Kelly and Regis spoke at the same time, if anything Kelly started to speak FIRST. Kelly tried to be gracious and quickly apologized when Priscilla made her first rude comment. Then she made another pointedly rude comment, her intention was clear and it was offensive. The whole time she was leaning in and grasping Regis’ arm. Kelly quite rightly withdrew. What was the point of engaging someone has hostile and insecure as Priscilla in this situation.

    Bravo Kelly. You shine girl.

  2. 2
    toni girl Says:

    Nicely said, Average Jane.
    Mssss. Presley was Extremely rude making that comment and Kelley handled it like the professional she is. With a smile.

  3. 3
    Nancy Says:

    I agree with toni girl. I think Priscilla has a bad attitude and needs to get a grip. If I was Kelly, I would have told her where to go…and I hope she did just that behind the scenes. Priscilla’s comment was rude and uncalled for. Personally, I think she’s envious of Kelly…and rightfully so. She’s a washed out, untallented, never-has-been.

  4. 4
    Laura Says:

    Can’t agree more Jane. I was shocked at how rude Priscilla was to Kelly and impressed with how Kelly handled it. I couldn’t have done better.

  5. 5
    Ash Says:

    Finally someone told the self absorbed, over rated and air headed Ripa to shut the hell up! Now if only she’d stay shut up.

  6. 6
    Jenny Says:

    I was watching the show and thought that they had both starting speaking at the same time. Regardless, Regis and Kelly both have moments of interrupting each other, it’s just part of the show and part of daily life. Priscilla was out of line by her comments & if you take note Priscilla interrupted Regis by her second comment “I know this happens alot”. The way Kelly handled herself goes to show what a strong confident classy lady she is, unlike Priscilla.

  7. 7
    Shawn*Female Says:

    Ms. Presley,

    It was obvious that she had animosity towards Kelly. I loved Kelly when she was AMC and still love her now. She makes us Female Gen-xers look darn successful and good. Unfortunately it hurts me to say but I think the majority of people who are taking Presley’s side are probably baby boomers or older and miss Kathy Lee. I love Regis, but when I was in Junior & Senior high I was not feeling Kathy Lee. But come folks let’s keep it real. Regis and whoever it is, in show biz world is a product. Just like the Tonight show went from Steve Allen, to Jack Paar, to Johnny Carson, to Jay Leno and eventually Conan O’Brien…the buck has to pass. I am very proud of Kelly. As far as I know…she has had 1 husband, her children all have the same father and it has not been sub stained that he has any type of drug or alcohol problems or is a pedophile (Lisa Marie Yawl). Kelly is a successful business woman. Any way my Boomers and older, support the youth, teach us, respect those of us who have worked hard to get where we are in life…respect us as you want to be respected. Keep it real darlings.


  8. 8
    Karen Says:

    I think Ms Presley is a “Claymate” and figured she would back up Clay who was also very rude to Kelly. Prissy appeared to grab at the first opportunity she could to stick a knife in Kelly’s back, unfortunately she only made herself look bad.(the same way she did with her choice of plastic surgeon) Just think..;two people interviewing one person..;are two people going to talk at the same time?..;of course. Shame on you Priscilla, you were a guest on Regis AND KELLY’S show and as such you should have been more respectful and gracious. Go give Clay Aiken a high have lost a fan just like Clay did with his disrespect.

  9. 9
    Cultish Says:

    whacko scientologist. what did u expect? run when you see the cult.

  10. 10
    Debo Says:

    This may be an old topic, but watching Pricilla Presley on Larry King Live tonight reminded me of her poor behavior. I have been a long-time fan of both Kelly & Pricilla (probably more Pricilla). My pet gripe in life is poor manners. Between the two, Kelly’s poor manners (interupting Regis, IF she did so) was UNintentional & Pricilla’s rudeness was intentional. Shame on you “Prissy”! You were raised better than that…you are a true Southern Belle (as I am). But in this case the Jersey girl showed you up with her class. Prissy should have at least apologized, or even gave a half-hearted “just kidding” to Kelly. She still owes her an apology as far as I am concerned.

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