Jessica Gibson is Rob Lowe’s Lawsuit

April 15, 2008

Jessica Gibson is the former nanny of Rob Lowe. Gibson appeared on the ‘Today Show’ this morning accusing Lowe of a number of things including sexual battery. See her biography, photos and video below.

Jessica Gibson is being represented by Gloria Allred, and they are making some serious accusations against Lowe.

According to Jessica Gibson’s lawsuit, Rob Lowe repeatedly exposed himself and inappropriately touched himself and his former nanny.

The documents also say Lowe “placed his hand inside Gibson’s pants.�?

Jessica Gibson Biography

Jessica Gibson was Rob Lowe’s nanny for seven years and has now found herself at the center of a major controversy because of that time spent with the Lowe family. Rob was the first to bring this controversy to the forefront when he beat the tabloids by putting the story out there himself.

Lowe claims Gibson was seeking $1.5 million dollars in blackmail money. Gibson denies seeking any money or going to police because she “loved the children, and I needed the job.” The Lowes are suing her for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and breach of a confidentiality agreement. Now, Gibson is fighting back.

Gibson’s lawyer, Allred, is basically claiming the Lowe’s filed their lawsuit first as a “premptive strike against Jessica” because they were faced with Jessica’s allegations. Let the war of words begin. Jessica’s deposition is set for May 19.

See pictures and Jessica Gibson’s interview on the ‘Today Show’ below.

Jessica Gibson Video

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    Maresa Says:

    Come on leave the guy alone. I is awful that everything bad is gong on. rob lowe this is to yuor family just stop having nannys. Get your wife to take care of the kids.