Johanna Nakano Is Joana Nakano, Miss Chiclayo

April 14, 2008

Meet Johanna Nakano, a.k.a. Johana Nakano, the cute girl who was crowned Miss Chiclayo. See her biography, photos and video here.

From what I gather, it appears Johana Nakano is getting some attention after a video surfaced of Joana Nakano undressing for the camera. Johana can be seen dancing slowly and seductively to the music, and then taking off her clothes.

Johana Nakano Biography

As a biography, Johana Nakano is 19 years old and lives in Peru. She was recently crowned Miss Chiclayo. However, after some risque’ videos surfaced on the internet of Johana taking her clothes off, she might be stripped of her crown. But Miss Chiclayo says she will continue representing the province until she is told that she can’t.

There are three videos in all that show Johana in compromisingly unclothed positions which were allegedly posted on YouTube by one of Johana’s ex-boyfriends. After the videos became public knowledge, the mayor of Lima, Roberto Torres said he was going to take Johanna’s crown, but he later decided to leave her fate in the hands of the contest’s judges. Whether Miss Chiclayo will be dethroned remains to be seen.

See more photos of Joana Nakano, one of the racy videos, and a video of Johanna’s press conference below.

Johana Nakano Video

Johana Nakano Video – Press Conference

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