Johana Nakano: Miss Chiclayo Peru (Video Found!)

April 14, 2008

Here is Johana Nakano, Miss Chiclayo of Peru, and her naked YouTube video tapes. See her photos and video here.

Her name is sometimes spelled Johanna Nakano or Joana Nakano but nobody cares about the grammar. She held the crown for exactly eight hours before being fired as Miss Chiclayo for the YouTube videos. She models erotically and naked in very sexual positions.

Born Johanna Nakano Bustíos in Peru, she speaks a language that is universally understood, the language of naked modeling tapes. You have seen this all before, but still there is a curiosity when the clothes are removed leaving a beauty queen like Johana Nakano nude.

Besides being crowned Miss Chiclayo of Peru, our beautiful model was also crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropic in 2007. She has an exotic gorgeous look that is more Islander than Peruvian. There are so many beautiful women in the world, that we are pleased to bring you pictures of this popular international model and information about her special video as well.

Chiclayo is appropriately known as the “Friendship Capital�? in Peru, a city known for its hot women. The scandalized city celebrates 173 years of existence, only 154 without Johana. She is 19 years old.

Miss Nakano is not taking her stripping of the crown very well, and in fact she is refusing to return it. “I am being helped by a psychologist who told me how this is doing a lot of damage to my mental state. As far as I am concerned, I am still the sovereign Miss Chiclayo.” Great dedication.

Apparently one of the nude videos was part of a modeling portfolio, the normal thing that all models present to potential agencies. And she looks good. The other two videos were taken by an ex-boyfriend which makes them of the sex tape variety. We hope that she gets even more work as a result.

Pictures and video below.

Johana Nakano Video (Sexy)

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