Ambre Lake is Rock of Love 2

April 13, 2008

Meet Ambre Lake, an actress, television host and one of two girls left vying for Bret Michaels heart on Rock of Love 2. You can see her biography, photos, and video below.

On last weeks episode, Ambre’s “honest image” was shot out of the water when she lied to Bret about her age. She quickly defended herself on her MySpace page saying,

“Ok I never write blogs because I like for you guys to enjoy the show and believe in the experience. However, I need to set the record straight because all of you know that I’m an HONEST, down-to-earth person. So, when I’m portrayed as a liar I just can’t let people believe that. I never lied to Bret about my age. If you look at the playback with our date with Sateesh, you will see that I never tell Bret my age. My voice is dubbed over.”

I’m not sure what the big deal is (even though I think she lied), nor do I think it will have any bearing on who he picks. For some reason, I feel like Daisy has had this one wrapped up for a long time. Her ex-boyfriend might have to find another roommate.

Ambre Lake Biography

Ambre Lake grew up in Alabama, but the year she was born is suspect. Vh1’s web site lists her at age 33, but in last weeks episode it appears she could be 37. Even though she defends herself on MySpace, that site lists her as 99-years-old.

Ambre graduated from Troy State University and went on to get her Masters in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Acting and Dance at Michigan State. Ambre then moved to Chicago and it appears she’s been able to establish a career in show business. Her first job was a role in the Reese Witherspoon film ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ as a wedding coordinator. She has been in ‘Eden Court’ and the TBS series ‘Blotter Series.’ Ambre has also done several commercials and voiceover work. Currently, Ambre is hosting ‘Health and Lifestyle Weekly’ and ‘ChiTown After Dark,’ which is a nightlife show that will film and air in Chicago. Maybe she’ll run into Jes from the original Rock of Love.

Since Ambre is in the biz, all of her stats are available. She is 5′ 7″ with 34-25-35 measurements. Ambre lists her size as 2/4 with blonde hair and blue eyes. She says she enjoys working out and dancing. Ambre is skilled in Tap, Modern, and Jazz. She has volunteered her teaching abilities to the elderly in the past and produced an instructional video.

Ambre says she’s on the show for Bret, but I think this girl is putting all her acting abilities to use. Especially after I found this quote on what made her decide to do reality tv:

Plus, I’m an actress and have been working in the business for a while and well, you can get a lot of exposure from reality TV.

I just changed my vote to Daisy…

You can see more photos and two videos of Ambre Lake below.

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Ambre Lake Video

Ambre Lake Video

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