Rock of Love 2 Winner

April 13, 2008

Spoiler Alert! The Rock of Love Season 2 Winner is between Daisy De La Hoya and Ambre Lake. And the winner is…

Destiny was not given a backstage pass last week (after getting a Rock of Love 2 tattoo on her neck), which left two women in the house with a chance to “rock Bret’s world.” He took them to Vegas, met the parents, and now it’s time to go Mexico for some quality time. I love how Vh1 describes the episode.

Bret takes his final two girls south of the border to spend some quality, romantic time with each one before making his final choice. Guards come down and gloves come off as the girls open their hearts and fight for their man. One girl will be Bret’s rock of love, the other will leave heartbroken.

I’ll update with highlights from the episode, and of course the winner, when it airs tonight. Until then, check out some photos from last weeks episode, including the tattoo parlor, and a video extra of Destiny that is worth watching.

Update: Bret, Ambre and Daisy made it to Cancun and they went to dinner. The producers gave Daisy had a list she wanted to discuss with Bret. Sparks already flying between the two girls with the sexy vs. intelligent conversation. Ambre stopped the convo and kissed Bret to prove her love for him. Thought it was too much, advantage Daisy.

Sexy conversation continues and turns into an argument. Daisy says Ambre wishes she could be her and Ambre drops, “Surgery can make me sexier, but Surgery is not going to make her smarter.” Advantage Ambre.

And here it goes. Ambre is at dinner and says, “For the record, I’m not wearing any underwear.” Then she gives her Basic Instinct impression. That leads to a check and both of them going back to his suite with a bed on the balcony. Bow chica bow wow. Advantage Ambre.

Daisy does her best Titanic impression and gets seasick. She starts puking everywhere and Bret consoles her. He gets a little too close to the girl – she just blew chunks all over the side of the boat. Then he kissed her! I hope she has some Crest in her life. Dinner Time. Bret gives Daisy the same necklace he gave Ambre. Lame. He keeps saying how hot she is…Advantage Daisy. I hope he changed the sheets. Oh wait, different bed.

Too much conversation between the two. Move on. Stripper. blah blah. Old. blah blah. Crying. Amazing connection. blah blah. Advantage everyone who got voted off already.

Montage of Bret with both of the girls. They had to get a new Poison song in there somehow.

And now the moment of truth. Bret comes out in a shiny, Stayin’ Alive suit. Ambre’s not wearing his necklace. Daisy would you come down here please? “Your tour ends here.” Bret picks AMBRE! And he says, “Now let’s go have hot monkey sex.”

Can’t wait for the reunion show. Looks like Heather is kicking Daisy’s ass.

Rock of Love Video

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8 Responses to “Rock of Love 2 Winner”

  1. 1
    SLEDGE Says:

    i cant believe bret picked that wrinkly old skank ambre. He said he didnt want to make the same mistake twice well he just did. He is a complete jackass.

  2. 2
    Liane Says:

    Why would anyone think Bret should have choosen Daisy. The poor girl she can’t even hold a meaningful conversation and answer the questions that are asked by Bret. He has had hundreds of women like her. He is here for love now not lust. He wants someone that has the whole package and isn’t out for money. I sincerely hope Bret and Ambre make it and that their careers do not get in the way. Also, did you see that it bothers Bret that Daisy has met his whole band and had several chances to get to know him and didn’t. What does that say for her as someone that is sincere about getting to know Bret and Bret only. Think about that people Go Ambre and Bret. Will miss your shows but if your happy then I’m happy for you.

  3. 3
    Kay Kay Says:

    I am so happy Bret chose Ambre!! I think out of the two girls she was the best choice. I think Daisy was there to find someone to save her….she knew Bret was willing to deal with her drama. Daisy couldn’t even answer Bret’s questions which shows how un-educated she really is…one word…TRASHY. Ambre is well-spoken and knows what she wants. She kept herself very well and played great!! I truely want them to work out but I’ve heard rumors they don’t make it. Oh well, he’ll just make another Rock of Love and try again.

  4. 4
    Lizzy Says:

    I am trully enjoying Rock of Brett episodes…please please make episodes 3,4,and 5.
    I think these shows will go up in History…ie..”I love Lucy”…

    Simply Spectacular!!!!

  5. 5
    Debbie Says:

    What was the name of the song that was played while bret and amber were having their massages

  6. 6
    chris Says:

    eewwww!!!! yuk!!!!! why the hell did he pick that stupid old fart…wats her ambre!!!! she is a 80 yr old wrinkly, saggy boobed old grandpa!!!! yuk yuk yuk…bret u made the wrong choice

  7. 7
    Andréia =D Says:

    Eu ti amo Bret!!!! estou louca por vc :P

  8. 8
    John20 Says:

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