Christina Silva Is Miss California Lawsuit

April 12, 2008

Meet Christina Silva, the winner of the 2007 Miss California pageant whose crown was taken away after judges said they miss counted the votes. See her biography, photos and video here.

Just in time for the Miss USA 2008 Pageant, Christina Silva has filed a lawsuit alleging fraudulent concealment and misrepresentation, negligence, false advertising, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and breach of contract. She seeks $500,000 from the Miss Universe Organization because they crowned her Miss California, but then told her that they mis-counted the votes, so really she was second runner-up.

Christina Silva Biography

As a biography, Christina Silva is a native of Los Angeles, California who competes in beauty pageants. She was the second Latina to be named Miss California.

In November 2007, Christina Silva competed in the Miss California pageant. At the end of the night, the judges handed her the crown and the flowers and named her Miss California. Unfortunately, due to an accounting error, Silva was asked to give the title to Raquel Beezley, the actual winner. After the drama, Silva said,

“They never could explain their accounting error, but told me that if I didn’t give up my crown, my personal integrity could be questioned, and my career could potentially suffer.”

Silva was allowed to keep the $4,500 necklace and the sash, and they refunded her $1,500 entry fee. A duplicate necklace and sash were made for Beezley, who was able to compete in the Miss USA pageant yesterday. (Unfortunately for Beezley, she didn’t win; Crystle Stewart from Texas did.) Now, Silva is suing. Interesting timing, don’t you think?

See more photos of Christina Silva and Raquel Beezley and a video of Christina Silva being crowned below.

Christina Silva Video – Miss California Pageant

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