Dick Cheney Sunglasses (Photos)

April 11, 2008

Vice President Dick Cheney’s sunglasses are causing quite a stir this morning because some say there appears to be a naked woman in the reflection of his glasses. The story even provoked Cheney’s spokeswoman to respond saying, “Clearly the picture shows a hand casting a rod.”

Here’s a better view. Do you really think it’s a naked woman? The situation got so out of hand, one investigative reporter used digital technology to enhance the photo.

“In one lens of his sunglasses you can clearly tell it is a sleeved arm of Cheney or a fishing companion. The other lens has an extreme distortion that, without looking at it closely, could be misconstrued,” said investigative photo editor Bridges.

Let’s stop and put a little thought in this for a moment. If I’m photographing the Vice President fly fishing on the Snake River in Idaho and there was a naked woman present, I think I might take a few shots of the woman. Secondly, would you walk around naked in Idaho this time a year with hooks flying around?

You can see more pictures of the Vice President below.

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