Rose Rock Is Chris Rock’s Mom

April 10, 2008

Meet Rose Rock, the mother of Chris Rock and author of a book on educating children. See her biography, photos, and video here.

Rose Rock’s new book, entitled “Mama Rock’s Rules: Ten Rules for Raising a Household of Successful Children”, was released April 8, 2008. In it she shares with us the knowledge of parenting that she has learned by raising 10 kids and 17 foster kids. Yes, Rose Rock has raised 27 children.

Rose Rock Biography

As a biography, Rose Rock has raised 10 kids and 17 foster children from her home in Brooklyn, New York. She currently lives in South Carolina. Of Rose’s 10 children, her most famous and her oldest child is the loved comedian Chris Rock. Of her son she says,

“I knew Chris would be famous. I just thought it would be because of his writing. Inside him he has a book, maybe even a Pulitzer.�?

But it’s not just Chris who got all the smart genes in this family. It’s all her kids.

“I raised them to be great. Great doesn’t mean to be movie stars or artists. Great means to be wonderful people.�?

As a career, Rose Rock was an educator who specialized in preschool and special education. For 17 years she operated a preschool and daycare center. Realizing the potential of her voice, Rose founded Rock This 619, a nonprofit organization that focuses on youth empowerment. But that’s not all she does. Rose stays busy by hosting “The Mom Show”, a radio program broadcast from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

On April 10, 2008, Rose appeared on “The Big Idea with Danny Deutsch” where she spoke about her book. She says, “You only get one shot at raising a child”, and she’s sharing her secrets on doing it right.

Her rules go a little like this:

  • I’m your mama, not your friend – “I’m in charge here, I’m not about making you happy.”
  • No child really wants to be lefts alone
  • Whiten your mouth out before you come in the house
  • Feed them and they’ll tell you everything
  • You are whatever you hear
  • Push unable off the table – “can’t is just as bad as the F word”
  • Good memories are the best things you can give your children and spirituality is not just for Sundays
  • Don’t Lie Down with Anything You Don’t Want to Live with Forever

See more photos of Rose Rock and a video clip of Chris Rock’s standup below.

Rose Rock Video – Chris Rock Stand-up

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