Devendra Banhart Is Natalie Portman’s Boyfriend (Photos and Video)

April 10, 2008

Meet Devendra Banhart, an American folk singer who is also Natalie Portman’s boyfriend. See photos, video and a biography of Devendra below.

In addition to the fact that he is Natalie Portman’s boyfriend, Devendra Banhart has also included her in his video for “Carmensita”, which is off of his Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon album.

Devendra Banhart Biography

As a biography, Devendra Banhart was born May 30, 1981 in Houston, Texas, although he was raised in Venezuela until he was 13 years of age. His parents were followers of an Indian Mystic, and Devendra was named after him. His parents would divorce two years later and Devendra moved with his mother to Caracas, Venezuela. It was while he lived in Caracas that he wrote his first song titled “We’re all going to die”, which was based upon plastic surgery.

Devendra’s mother remarried and his new stepfather moved them to Los Angeles. In 1998, Devendra moved on to San Francisco, where he received a scholarship to attend the San Francisco Art Institute. He soon found that music was the direction he would take. He dropped out of school in 2000 and moved to Paris. A small club owner discovered him and asked him to open the shows for the indie rock bands playing there. He moved back to the States and went back and forth between San Francisco and Los Angeles. While he was playing at the Fold in Los Angeles, Siobhan Duffy heard him and loved his voice. She was a close friend of Michael Gira, who was once the frontman for Swans and owner of Young God Records. Devendra recorded several albums with them but moved on to the XL Recordings record label.

More photos and video of Devendra Banhart are below.

Video of Devendra Banhart

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