Naomi Campbell Racist Comments

April 9, 2008

Naomi Campbell can now add racist comments to her ever-growing repertoire of quality human traits she possesses. Campbell is claiming her recent arrest occurred only because she is black and police claim she lashed out calling them “f***ing white honkeys” while she was handcuffed and taken into custody.

Campbell reportedly lost it when one of her bags turned up missing. She then allegedly spit at officers who came after she caused quite a scene. As the situation escalated, Naomi was arrested, but according to her, the arrest is a result of her color.

“It just goes to show I have to fight for who I am. It’s because I’m black.�?

How about the fact that you appear certifiable half the time?

British Airlines has also taken notice and given Naomi a lifetime ban from future flights. Her spokeswoman immediately came to Naomi’s defense saying this didn’t sound like anything she would say. But that’s probably because Campbell was holding a Manolo to the woman’s head. It doesn’t sound like the airline is backing down.

“All incidents of abusive or disruptive behaviour towards fellow passengers or staff are taken extremely seriously and will not be tolerated.�?

You can see more photos of Naomi Campbell below.

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One Response to “Naomi Campbell Racist Comments”

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    Daisy Says:

    BA should not back off. This hasbeen has been getting away with everything for too long. And playing the racism card while she’s actually the one being racist, just shows her iq is equal to plant sitting on my desk. Maybe the plant even has a higher IQ.