Jamie Lee Curtis Photoshop Controversy

April 8, 2008

Jamie Lee Curtis is up in arms about a photo that made the cover of “AARP” magazine. She says she was wearing a strapless dress, but that editors of the 50 and over publication cropped the photo to make it look like she was naked.

Jamie Lee was on Oprah yesterday explaining why the cover is so aggravating,

“Isn’t it fascinating that this constitutes being naked. What the ‘f’ are we talking about? In my world, this is called strapless. And yet they had to sell this magazine; I didn’t go around saying I was topless. … I have a 21-year-old daughter in college and a 12-year-old son; if I could take back Trading Places today I would because I didn’t know I was gonna have a child… when I was 21 and I exposed my breasts in a movie.”

Jamie Lee was appearing in the magazine because she turns 50 on November 22, and will thereby become eligible for AARP membership.

While on the Oprah show, Curtis discussed aging, and how great she feels at 49. She reveals she underwent plastic surgery on the area under her eyes because she was once told they were too puffy, but she says it doesn’t make you feel better. “You still look in the mirror and you see the fraud of what you were trying to do.”

See more photos of Jamie Lee Curtis, a video clip discussing the Oprah spot, and the Jamie Lee Curtis video from “True Lies” below.

For the video about the Oprah show, click here.

Jamie Lee Curtis Video – “True Lies”

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