Monday Links!

April 7, 2008

Rihanna has some serious nasty ear wax. Sick and wrong, and I’m hoping someone photoshopped that in – Allie Is Wired

Saturday Night Live is back, and Christopher Walken is its host – Adeline and Hazel

Rumor has it the Jolie-Pitt kids beat each other up – Angelina Jolie News and Gossip

More naked Audrina photos? It’s just too good to be true – Anything Hollywood

Mariah Carey’s not wearing much on the new album cover – Bellezze Gossip

Lindsay Lohan is making producing a new album kinda difficult – Best Celeb Gossip

The Olsen twins go Phantom of the Opera in some freaky white masks – Bitten and Bound

Shaq and Shaunie back on? – Bossip

Pamela Anderson is the latest reality TV victim. Make it stop – Bricks and Stones

People are still making fat jokes about Kelly Clarkson – BumpShack

Cate Blanchett is back to looking hot, away from the deathly thin style – Celeb Dump

It’s never too late to see a shiny Renee Zellweger – Celeb Gossip Junkie

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