Lisa Miceli Is Michael Jordan’s Mistress

April 5, 2008

Meet Lisa Miceli, the woman who claims to be Michael Jordan’s mistress. See video and photos here.

Lisa Miceli has been pretty much stalking NBA legend Michael Jordan, claiming he fathered her child. A DNA test has already been taken twice, determining he is not the father. Lisa however, refuses to accept the results and is now asking for a third DNA test.

The stipulation of the second paternity test was that Lisa was to have no contact with Michael if he was proven not to be the father. A restraining order was placed on Lisa and now she is fighting against it claiming that it is preventing her form working out child support arrangements.

“There is not going to be a settlement,” Sperling told Crawford County Judge Gordon Miller. “Mr. Jordan is not the father of her child, and we’re not going to engage in any discussions on that.”

Over the years Lisa has left Michael hundreds of threatening phone calls and emails, and now things are escalating to a violent level. Michael is now taking action of his own and suing her.

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