Erin Hamilton is Carol Burnett’s Daughter (Photos)

April 5, 2008

Meet Erin Hamilton, a talented singer who just happens to be the daughter of Carol Burnett. See photos, video and a biography of Erin below.

Erin Hamilton is in the news today as her single, The Flame 08 is currently #1 on Billboard’s Club Play chart.

Erin Hamilton Biography

As a biography, Erin Kate Hamilton was born on August 14, 1968. Her parents are Carol Burnett and Joe Hamilton. Up until she was 11 years old, she spent Friday night watching her mother tape the Carol Burnett Show. She recalls:

“I wanted to be up there on that stage. I can’t act for shit and never wanted to,” she adds, laughing. “I was much more interested in music.”

Erin formed her own band, As Is, and was also the front woman for the L.A. band Komba Kalla. The bands eventually broke up and she married and had a child. She recorded Dream Weaver and it became an instant hit amongst dance audiences everywhere.

Erin’s life would be turned upside down when, in 2001, she found herself in a new relationship with a woman, Tanya Sanchez. A few months later, Tanya committed suicide in Erin’s home. Erin spiraled downward, trying to cope with what had happened and ended up in rehab. In January 2002, her older sister, actress Carrie Hamilton, died of lung cancer. Erin has been sober since 2002.

Erin had a second son, Dylan, who was born on September 14, 2006.

Erin is working on her next single, Control Yourself, which is set to be released this spring. She recently performed Control Yourself on Total Pop Star. The episode, which includes an interview by Richard Wagner, will air in May.

You can see Erin perform at the launch party for Shoes for the Stars on Melrose in West Hollywood Tuesday, April 8th.

More photos and video of Erin Hamilton are below.

Erin Hamilton Video

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