Beyonce & Jay-Z Wedding (Photos & Video)

April 3, 2008

Super-secret hip-hop couple Jay-z and Beyonce have reportedly filed the paperwork for a marriage license in Scarsdale, New York. It looks like this wedding may actually happen. Some people have pointed out that Beyonce’s birthday is 9/4 and Jay-Z’s is 12/4 so they are getting married tomorrow on 4/4. I find it hard to believe they are that corny. Is Jigga that whipped?

Another rumor floating around is that the couple got matching 4/4/08 tats on their wedding fingers while on a recent trip to Paris.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been dating since 2002. I hope they do go through with the wedding, it’s way over due and I am tried of the false stories! The wedding license is good for 60 days so stay tuned.

See more photos and video below. If they wed we will have their wedding photos up ASAP.

Beyonce & Jay-Z Video

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  1. 1
    GraceOrDivine Says:

    I’m extremely happy for Jay-Z and Beyonce. Beyonce is very blessed to have a wonderful man such as Sean Carter (Jay-Z) to call her husband. I hope you two honor your vows, and each other with dignity, respect, grace, and integrity…most importantly UNCONDITIONAL love. Congratulations!

  2. 2
    souLja girL Says:

    OMG they look soooooooo great together.

  3. 3
    linda Says:

    the couple of the year

  4. 4
    johanna Says:

    OMG u are sooo cute together.may u have babies as cute as u guys are.luv u 4 eva.

  5. 5

    hi baby suzzy beyonce, how are you? hope cool? with baby boy jay-z,baby girl i’m your biggest fan on earth and i love your love life with jay-z,glad both of you made to the end,i’ll be so glad you both start making babeis cause in portant,love you all,from

  6. 6
    Shawn worley Says:

    beyonce beyonce i love you just wanted to tell you that if you didnt know i wrote a little somthing for you verse to go with baby boy

    ya baby boy is finally grown
    ima 80,s boy but you already known
    i like ya tone in the way perfome
    make ya boy wanna roam find you alone
    make ya moan to this song come on
    you already know ima g call me shawn
    ya messing wtta boy that cant go wrong
    raised in the hood so the kid strong
    plus pipe is long call me king kong
    i light the bong imagine you in a thong
    lets wrestle in the ring till we here the gong
    undress you wit my eyes you know its on
    ima big fan nothing i cant do girl take my hand nothings impossible… YEA THATS ME ILL BE IN THE GAME SOON GET READY J

  7. 7
    Precious Says:

    U two are a cute couple together and jay-z u to bum

  8. 8
    alexandria hudson Says:

    Congrats!!!!!!! I hope you have a great life and promise yuor vowls toward each other!!!!

    LOVE YOU BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE MY ROLE MODEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9
    kierra Says:

    beyonce i love your songs i hope you enjoy them to i listen to them like everyday ecause i am so happy for you and jay- z i thought this day will never come but i seen it happy i hope nohting will go wrong with you two you and him are a great couple together i hope you know that sometimes i wish i was there to see you in person because of the songs you make they areso incrediable i hope jay- z loves your songs because thats what you make money for and he should know day but i am going to go i hope i get to see you soon love you beyonce and jay-z (no homo)

  10. 10
    Apple Says:

    you too are looking sooooo!!!! beautiful
    beyounce you got him lock like that so no gal to u man jayz.
    out of jamaica u large down here

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