Naomi Campbell Arrested

April 3, 2008

Supermodel Naomi Campbell arrested in London? Yes, it is true. The Victoria’s Secret model was arrested for assaulting a police officer, quaintly referred to as a “constable” in jolly old England.

I love English terms.

An altercation took place at Heathrow Airport Terminal #5 for “physically and verbally assaulting staff.” She was reportedly removed from a British Airlines flight for causing trouble.

Naomi is famous for anger issues. Perhaps they lost her bag at the airport that is notorious for poor baggage handling. Maybe they asked her to strip naked or submit to a pat down. Full body scan? We want the photos.

The British supermodel was born May 22nd 1970. Her father abandoned her as a baby, so she grew up having to scrape for her due. Naomi first became a ballet dancer before switching to her famous modeling career. We think she used some nifty ballet moves while being arrested.

She has feuded with Tyra Banks and has a shady record with law enforcement. She plead guilty in Toronto to assaulting her employee named Georgina Galanis. She was accused of assault by another employee named Amanda Brack, an allegation which she denied. An Italian actress named Yvonne Sciò claimed to have had a catfight that left blood all over her new dress. Naomi Campbell was arrested in New York for assaulting her housekeeper with a mobile phone.

Getting the picture yet?

Naomi Campbell Arrest Video

Note that this is her last arrest. We will have the new one up shortly.

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One Response to “Naomi Campbell Arrested”

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    Daisy Says:

    This woman so needs to get off my screen and into jail. I can’t believe how long she has been getting away with her behaviour. Celebrity justice at it’s best!