Nikki Carlisle is Cordelia Bad Girls Club

April 2, 2008

Nikki Carlisle, aka Cordelia, stars in the Oxygen reality show ‘Bad Girls Club‘ and has a porn star past. You can see her biography, photos and sex video below.

Nikki Carlisle lives in a house with other “bad girls,” which basically means they have various psychological and personality issues. Cameras follow the girls around for 4 months while viewers watch them interact and attempt to accomplish goals. But their goals are basically getting getting drunk and having sex. The premiere episode of ‘The Bad Girls Club’ is the highest rated show on the Oxygen Network.

Nikki Carlisle

Nikki Carlisle, age 22, comes from an upperclass area in Conneticut. On her biography for the show, she says she is stripping to pay for school because she wants to be a lawyer. If she considers having sex in front of the camera in movies like ‘Sex Tour USA’ stripping, then yeah. You can see Nikki Carlisle “performing” here..

Nikki blames her unpopularity in school and her parents divorcing as the cause to her wild lifestyle. Nikki is a pretty girl, although her measurements are unknown, it just looks like she’s made some really bad choices. She’s also a drinker, which has caused her some problems on the show. On one episode in particular, she and Taylor broke up and she got really drunk. She’s blaming a panic attack as the reason she “collapsed” in the confessional, but it had to at least be a combination of the two.

You can see that photo and others of Nikki Carlisle, along with her “sexed up” video below.

Nikki Carlisle is Cordelia Bad Girls Club Video

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