Ana Karina Soto Is Colombian TV Star

April 1, 2008

Meet Ana Karina Soto, a Colombian television presenter and actress. See her biography, photos, and video here.

The latest news on Ana Karina Soto appears to indicate that the Colombian television star might have a sex tape out there. You can see an Ana Karina Soto video here.

Ana Karina Soto Biography

As a biography, Ana Karina Soto was born in Colombia. From what I gather from some Spanish-language sites, she works as a television hostess on a variety of Colombian television programs and she has acted in a couple shows. Before beginning her work on television, Soto worked as a model with IMAGENS modeling agency. And it looks like Ana did not mind posing for some revealing shots.

Ana Karina is engaged to be married to her fiance’, Pedro Palacios. However, her partner in crime who appears in the sex tape can’t really be determined, as his face is blurred.

See more photos of Ana Karina Soto and a video of her eating pizza with Carolina Cruz below.

Ana Karina Soto Video

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