Bjork’s Drug Inspired ‘Wanderlust’ Video

April 1, 2008

The vision for Bjork’s new video ‘Wanderlust came after the directors, Sean Hellfritsch and Isaiah Saxon of Encyclopedia Pictura, did drugs. After watching the video below, it’s not surprising psychadelic mushrooms were the inspiration behind this thing.

There are two versions of the video, a regular one and then a stereoscopic 3D version that requires special glasses. This is how they describe the basic concept of the video:

The concept of the video is our attempt at creating mytho-poetic cosmology of a primitive world complete with water deities and the struggle towards the future. The main theme being nomadism since it is for the track ‘Wanderlust.’

You might have to be high to understand what any of that means. Click here to see the guys talk more in depth about “going into nature in a perturbed state.”

The video took nine months to complete and over $100,000. The end product has attracted the interest of museums and galleries worldwide.

Check out the making of and the actual video below.

Bjork Wanderlust Video

Making of Bjork Wanderlust Video

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