Mariah Carey Hangs Up On BBC

March 31, 2008

Mariah Carey is quite the accomplished artist. She just released her 11th studio album, the latest landmark in an amazing career that includes five Grammies and countless other wins at the Billboard Music Awards, BMI Awards, Soul Train Music Awards, American Music Awards, Worlds Music Awards, and VH1 Awards, among others. But it sounds like you better not get her accomplishments wrong, at least if you want her to stay on the phone with you.

Mariah was on the phone with a British radio station yesterday, and she and DJ Reggie Yates were chatting it up, discussing the new album, collaborators, and her favorite movies. But when the DJ mentioned that Mariah had sold 80 million albums worldwide, she said she’d have to check on that and suddenly hung up the phone. The popstar left the DJ wondering if he had offended her by understating the number of albums sold.

Perhaps Mariah Carey really was offended. Some sources have her listed as selling over 160 million albums worldwide, if not more. That’s right, and don’t you forget it, Reggie. Her latest album is called “E=MC2″

See more photos of Mariah Carey and hear the BBC interview below.

Mariah Carey Video – BBC Interview

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