Angelina Jolie Baby Pictures Worth $10 Million

March 27, 2008

Magazine editors are estimating the first pictures released of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s baby (or babies) could get $10 million. This figure comes after Christina Aguilera was paid $1.5M for her baby photos and Jennifer Lopez received $6M for the twins.

Angelina and Brad stepped out on February 23 at the 2008 Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California to show the world her baby bump. Rumors were flying in the weeks leading up to “the reveal” and now editors are talking about celebrity babies as big business, “akin to getting a role in a movie.”

“It’s outrageous, they’ve gotten very sophisticated. The rights are bought up now even before the celeb enters the hospital. They hire extra security so it’s impossible to obtain a photo illegally.”

Editors even go as far as speculating that celebrities may consider having children just to collect the check. And since magazines get the money back from sales, Web hits, and by re-selling the photos overseas, there seems to be no sign of this trend stopping anytime soon.

Check out more photos of a pregnant Angelina Jolie below.

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