Sarah Azhari is a Celebrity Sister

March 15, 2008

One of a pair of celebrity sisters, Sarah Azhari is hot. See photos of the Indonesian actress along with her biography and video tape.

The Indonesian actress was recently caught nude on a hidden camera. It is not a sex tape, but Sarah Azhari nude is more that the squares in Indonesia can handle. She has been scandalized along with her celebrity sister, Rahma (Ayu). They are becoming the Hilton sisters of Asia.

Sarah Azhari (Biography)

Born on June 16th, 1978 in Jakarta Indonesia, Sarah is a model and actress. She was named the most beautiful Indonesian woman in 2005, which may make her older sister, Rahma Azhari (also known as Ayu Azhari), jealous.

Her filmography includes starring acting roles in “Daun di Atas Bantal” and “Lupus Millenia” in the late 1990’s. Most of her roles are on television in soap operas.

She is reportedly a nymphomaniac who has had a lot of sex in the Indonesian celebrity scene. Nothing wrong with that as long as she gets what she wants. On her blog she says that she is very interested in “dating Men, having relationships with men, friends, and activity partners.” What kinds of activities is she talking about?

She is a wild celebrity sister. In a temper tantrum, she was convicted of throwing an ashtray and stomping on the foot of a news reporter in Jakarta on 12th July 2005. She was sentenced to four months prison although she never served her time because of privilege.

She describes herself as “Aku suka tampil menarik… tapi banyak yang bilang aku ini sexy.” Go figure.

Azhari loves reality television, pop music, and shopping. Did I mention that she loves sex with men? Her measurements and weight are unknown in English, although you can see she is stacked.

More photos and videos of Sarah Azhari below including the famous hidden cam.

Sarah and Ayu Azhari (Video Tape)

Sarah Azhari – Video (Hidden Cam)

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