Mariah Carey Doing Coke

March 14, 2008

Here is a scandal I never even dreamed of. Mariah Carey is being accused of using cocaine on the regular basis. According to reports, a well-known NYC lawyer is claiming that he knows Mariah has used, and “regularly�? uses cocaine. Allegedly one night he saw Mariah with a bowl of coke in front of her.

I guess Mariah is at the point in her career where the drug scandal starts, lets hope she is not the next Whitney Houston. In the past few weeks Mariah has displayed some peculiar behavior. The queen of the innocent flirt, was photographed walking around sans topping while on vacation in the Caribbean. I won’t believe it until I see proof. Show me some photos or video of Mariah doing coke.

Check out more pictures of Mariah after the jump.

Mariah Carey Video

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