Emperors Club VIP Models (Photos)

March 10, 2008

Meet Temeka Rachelle Lewis, Kristen, and the Emperors Club VIP escort models. See their hot photos and learn why New York Governor Eliot Spitzer booked their sexy escort women for bedtime prostitution.

Update: All photos of Spitzer’s hooker “Kristen” are here. She has been identified as Ashley Alexandra Dupre.

Some of them are international models and some just bed professionally for pay. “Anais” (above page) is a model and dancer. What they all have in common is they are the most strikingly gorgeous high-class prostitutes in the world.

Spitzer’s hooker is named “Kristen.” She is a petite 5’5″ tall gorgeous brunette who knows what she is doing for a living. Her picture is in the thumbnails. Others go by names such as Raquel, Alana, Samantha, Chrissy, Ava, Daniella, Sydney, Sienna, and Maya, all under the managerial guidance of Temeka Rachelle Lewis, who goes by “Rachelle.”

The company website has been taken down but you can find an archived copy here.

Spitzer’s prostitute (Kristen) was secretly taped by law enforcement saying, “I don’t think he [Spitzer] is difficult. I mean it’s just kind of like – whatever – I’m here for a purpose. I know what my purpose is. I’m not a – moron, you know what I mean. So maybe that’s why girls maybe think they’re difficult. That’s what it is, because you’re here for a purpose. Let’s not get it twisted — I know what I do, you know.”

Apparently he is into kinky stuff. She was warned that he might ask her to do dangerous playtime activities in bed.

Here is how the Emperors Club VIP escort models advertise the company.

As a major venue for modeling industry professionals, Emperors Spokes Models provides promotional services to its direct clients as well as models and modeling agencies alike. Emperors Spokes Models is a part of Emperors Media Group, an internationally recognized marketing venue for the highest financial elite- both individual and corporate.

Carefully choosing amongst only the most talented candidates of celebrity and semi-celebrity recognition, Emperors’ Club vip Spokes Models are the enthusiastic, engaging, dynamic promotion your business needs. Professional interest generators, our spokes models share the unique ability to initiate and maintain customer interest in your business promotions. Their outgoing candor to your current and prospective customers coupled with unwavering dedication to your ultimate goals ensures success of any promotion. Representing Spokes models of superior verbal and non-verbal communication skills, they make your customers feel important and engaged while providing a professionally informative experience. Emperors Club vip Spokes Models deliver your message with precision and positive regard. Available for tradeshows, demonstrations, brand / product ambassador, acting roles, entertainment marketing and corporate events, Emperors Club vip Spokes Models are amongst the most impressive available, raising your company’s image and customer awareness simultaneously.

Skilled, attractive, intelligent, talented Spokes Models consistently deliver excellent return on your investment. When looking to directly connect with your audience, our Spokes Models are perfect preference. Reliable and upbeat Emperors’ Club vip Spokes Models are always prepared, ready to perform. They arrive knowledgeable about your products / services and immaculately present themselves and your company. Our Spokes Models and we recognize the significance of your promotional events and execute our roles remarkably. Experience the rewarding advantage of Emperors’ Club vip Spokes Model.

Emperor VIP Spokes Model photos below.

Much more here.

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    Daniella looks like Alessandra Ambrosio….