Janina San Miguel Is Binibining Pilipinas

March 9, 2008

Meet Janina San Miguel, the 2008 winner of the Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant. See her biography, photos and a funny video of her question and answer portion.

Janina San Miguel is a gorgeous girl, and despite her inability to answer a question, she was just crowned the 2008 winner of the Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant. We have to give her credit though, English is not her first language and she did a better job than our own, Miss South Carolina!

Janina San Miguel Biography

Janina is a 17-year-old mass communications major, who attends the University of the East. All was going well for the beauty queen; she had already won the Best in Swimsuit and Best in Evening Gown. Then came time for the question and answer portion. Janina was asked, “What role did your family play to you as candidate to Binibining Pilinas?�? She then responded with a bunch of ramblings and apologies, as you can see in the video and transcript below.

Somehow that was enough for Janina San Miguel to win Binibining Pilipinas. This girl must be super charming, or the judges felt bad for her. Would you have crowned her? See her video and pictures after the jump. I have also included video of Miss South Carolina so you can compare the two.

Okay, so they aren’t all photos of Janina San Miguel. I had a hard time finding any, and as soon as I do they’ll be up. Until then, enjoy these pictures of other Binibining Pilipinas, hot beauty queens.

Paolo Bediones: Janina, how are you?

Janina San Miguel: I’m fine.

Paolo Bediones: Alright, so you won two of the major awards – Best in Long Gown, Best in Swimsuit, do you feel any pressure right now?

Janina San Miguel: No, I don’t feel any pressure right now.

Paolo Bediones: Confident! Alright! Please choose a name of the judge.

Paolo Bediones: We have Miss Vivienne Tan.
Vivienne Tan: Good Evening.

Janina San Miguel: Good Evening.

Vivienne Tan: The question is, what role did your family play to you as candidate to Binibining Pilinas?

Janina San Miguel: Well, my family’s role for me is so important b’coz there was the wa- they’re, they was the one who’s… very… Hahahaha… Oh I’m so sorry, Ahhmm… My pamily… My family… Oh my god… I’m… Ok, I’m so sorry… I… I told you that I’m so confident… Eto, Ahhmm, Wait… Hahahaha, Ahmmm, Sorry guys because this was really my first pageant ever b’coz I’m only 17 years old and ahahaha I, I did not expect that I came from, I came from one of the top 10. Hmmm, so… but I said that my family is the most important persons in my life. Thank you.

Janina San Miguel Binibining Pilipinas Video
Miss South Carolina Video

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115 Responses to “Janina San Miguel Is Binibining Pilipinas”

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  1. 1
    Usagi Says:

    We, here in abroad saw Janina’s video on the question and answer portion of the Bb Pilipinas 2008. My gosh, we can’t even bare to finish the whole video tha was posted on YouTube. Parang kami pa ang nahihiyang panoorin at pakinggan ang mga katangahan nya. Please JUDGES!!!!!, is this how you look at Filipino women right now? Bigyan nyo naman ng kahihiyan ang mga past na kababaihan na tumayo at nag represent ng bansa natin tas papalitan nyo lang sila ng kagaya ni JANINA??????? my gosh! sabi nila hindi lang puro ganda ang Bb Pilipinas but also brain! All of them are beautiful but not all of them are brain…. and Janina is definitely NOT the one who has that! She’s not worthy of the crown and me as a Filipino still, i don’t like her to represent us in other pageants……please….. give credit to those who deserve but i totally think JANINA DON’T DESERVE TO REPRESENT FILIPINA WOMEN!

  2. 2
    ermin Says:

    Puede b niyang isoli o kaya, puede kayang bawiin ang korona sa kanya? I know she is a good person, beautiful face, hot body, but just like what the Usagi said she dont deserve to win, but que sera sera…..I’m sure she learned her lesson the hard way, sigurado ko na nakalinya na ang mga crash courses na kanyang pag-aaralan para di tayo lumabas na kahiya-hiya, but I have to admit, I admire her GUTS, no guts no glory ika nga,

  3. 3
    Gian Ebao Says:

    Sa tingin ko the judges are looking at Janina’s physical competitiveness. di nga siya ganun ka fluent sa english, pero nasa kanya yung looks. napagaaralan naman ang pagsagot sa isang pageant kaya no need to worry. I think, Janina just made the wrong decision in insisting to answer the question in english. the pressure that was not there before, came and in steroids. thus, the terribly wrong answer. Guys, stop calling her bobo or tanga. Lesson, ‘di kailangan na english para maging tama o intelligent ang isang sagot. Sometimes, simple things does the trick.

  4. 4
    orangecola_19 Says:

    She just won Ms. World. The winner really is the Ms. Universe. :)

    That’s a good thing though, at least she isn’t representing us (filipinos) in the BIGGEST and MOST MAJOR EVENT. ;)

  5. 5
    orangecola_19 Says:

    And oh, her answer was nonsense. :))yeah, she did answer. her family was important and then….? HANGING MUCH. haha another thing is that, if she knew she can’t answer in straight english, she should have answered in filipino which is acceptable. if you’re smart enough, you should know your capabilities and limitations.

    No doubt, she IS pretty. let’s see if ONLY A PRETTY face will win the crown. but hey, 7 months to go before the ms world.. 7 months to learn grammar, speech, diction and the like. ;)

  6. 6
    Leigh Says:

    Marami na akong narinig na sumablay sa pagsalita ng english pero kahit papaano may content yung sinasabi nila. Yung mga chinese ang hirap intindihan ang english nila but meron pa ring content. Si Janina content na nga lang sablay pa rin. Ernnin and Gian Ebao, kahit ilang basa ko sa sinabi niya wala akong nakuhang content. Mas naintindihan ko pa kung tumahimik siya tapos nagsalit na important sa kanya ang family niya kaysa naman hagikhik siya ng hagikhik. Tapos ipagtatanggol niyo pa siya kesyo nahirapan siyang mag-English!?!?! come on… ako nahihirapan mag-english pero at least get your message or point across the listeners… even my 8 years old cousin can say that her family is important in her life. The difference that she could make is to add insights based on her experience.

    You should worry kasi hindi holistic ang standards ng Bb Pilipinas.

  7. 7
    PAO Says:


  8. 8
    PinoyMe Says:

    She Rocks! Yan ang totoong Pinoy! May Tapang at determinasyon..Marami din namang mga pageant na gumagamit pa nga ng Interpreter. Oks lang yan. Mabuhay ka!

  9. 9
    myrtle joy son, RN Says:

    My goodness! Is this the one that will represent our country to the Ms. World pageant?
    Janina San Miguel???
    A nonsensical, vacuous imbecile! Even the judges’ decision is being put into question, for this is remarkably the idiosyncratic way to represent Filipinas around the globe. And mind you, being 17 years of age cannot be a viable reason to escape such disgrace and humiliation. And the laugh?!! People jeered at you, have you noticed? Probably not…

    Family? what was their role? “most important persons in my life? –grammatically incorrect
    ?Oh, I’m sorry? – no apology miss, it’s a competition… a competition!!!

    logically————SUPPORT SYSTEM!!!
    What the ****!!! A mass-com student?

    AND PLEASE…., a beauty pageant showcases only the candidates which can become an epitome of beauty, modesty and fine sensibilities, talent and most, INTELLIGENCE!

  10. 10
    maverick Says:

    i say i do to the comments of myrtle joy son, RN —sapul ka dyan. In my own version, a perfect rotten KAMATIS!!!(tomatoes – who are non filipino speakers.)kakahiya…sasali sali ka pa, kinulang ka lang ng baon…

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