Here She Cums…It’s Miss America

January 30, 2007

Perhaps that would be a more appropriate theme for the pageant, since the Katie Rees photo scandal. Not to mention the Miss New Jersey kerfuffle and the clamor over Tara Conner’s boozin’ problem, in the USA competition.

Miss Oklahoma Lauren Nelson was named Miss America at last night’s pageant. Now that the integrity of the crown has been compromised, she has a serious task ahead of her. No men, no booze, no lesbian photos. Can she avoid a scandal on the runway, or will she fall victim to the royal curse?

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3 Responses to “Here She Cums…It’s Miss America”

  1. 1
    Whatever Says:

    Get your facts straight. Miss USA and Miss America are two DIFFERENT pageants. You’re an idiot and ought to get sued for slander.

  2. 2
    Hollyweird Gazette Says:

    Perhaps you didn’t notice the notation I made about Tara Conner and Miss New Jersey being part of the USA pageant. The common theme was pageants.

    But thank you for your insight. I’m happy to know that someone with your obvious legal knowledge and reading skills is watching out for me.

  3. 3
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