Lisa Niemi is Patrick Swayze’s Wife

March 5, 2008

Patrick Swayze’s wife is Lisa Niemi. See her photos, biography, and a dance video here.

Lisa Niemi
Lisa Niemi

Lisa’s famous husband, the star of “Dirty Dancing,” has sadly announced that he has pancreatic cancer. The celebrity couple have been married for 32 years, a most remarkable achievement in Hollywood.

Lisa Niemi Biography

She was born as Lisa Anne Haapaniemi on May 26th, 1956, in Houston Texas. Her long last name is the result of her family heritage (both parents) in Finland. She has five brothers.

Lisa and Patrick met when she was only 15 years old, and later married when she was 20 years old on June 12th, 1975. They met because she had been the teenage student of Patrick’s mother, Patsy, who ran her own dance studio.

She became a professional dancer after her dance training. Major dance companies include the Harkness Ballet Theater School in New York City, the Houston Jazz Ballet, and the famous Joffrey II Ballet

Along with dancing, Lisa is an actress who appeared in a dozen films and television programs, mostly in the 1980’s. She also wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the movie “One Last Dance” in 2003. The movie trailer is below.

Niemi knew very early that she wanted to be a performer. She attended the High School for the Performing Arts in Houston and after attending public schools.

See pictures and her dance video.

lisa niemiLisa NiemiLisa Niemi
Lisa Niemi Photos

Lisa Niemi Video
“One Last Dance” with Patrick Swayze

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27 Responses to “Lisa Niemi is Patrick Swayze’s Wife”

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  1. 1
    desiree Says:

    Patrick swayze has pancreatic cancer not a brain disorder

  2. 2
    April Dison Says:

    Incredible! Such beauty! That dance had everything. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. Iam praying for you.

  3. 3
    Cheryl Fraser Says:

    This is awsome: Lisa Niemi Video
    “One Last Danceâ€? with Patrick Swayze. I’m in tears and feel as though I can’t stop them…beautiful. Thank you for sharing all your talents. God bless.

  4. 4
    mirjana Says:

    molim se bogu za tebe i vjerujem da ces uspjeti da ostanes ziv i zdrav svojoj vjernoj i dragoj supruzi neka vas bog blagosljiva

  5. 5
    Alison Bardarson Says:

    Incredible,very moving. i’m so sorry to hear of your recent health concerns, our family wishes you and your family all the best through your healing. We have enjoyed all of your films very much. All the best from Canada
    (British Columbia)

  6. 6
    Barbie Domino Says:

    Hello Patrick,

    I have followed your career since the beginning and think you most talented. I am that geeky girl who sat in front of you in second year Spanish class at Waltrip.

    I remember seeing you walking to school and said to myself “anyone that is willing to walk to high school has great ambition.” I used to pick you up and take you to school in my ’56 Chevy.

    At that time I thought you a kid – after all you were two years behind me in school! Think you probably knew my cousins and played football with them – Danny and Terry Domino.

    Those were the days – but these are beter!

    I live in Lago Vista now, a little lakeside community outside of Austin. I have one grwon son and been divorced for many years.

    You and you family are in my prayers. Hang in there, Patrick. Still need to see more films with you in them.

    Take care,
    Barbie (Domino) Waldo

  7. 7
    kelly Says:

    I have written on several of your websites. I just saw part of an interview that said you were open to miricles. I am a healer and have had several successful healings. If you are interested please contact me at the above email address. This is a spiritual gift.
    I smoke too.
    Healing wishes

  8. 8
    Lesli from Texas Says:

    My comment is for Lisa mostly and to the wonderful person that provided the One Last Dance video. What grace and beauty. I was amazed at what beautiful eyes you have in person. Last we spoke, you were awaiting lab results in a Amarillo hospital. You were frightened and Mr. Lisa was holding your hand, gently stroking your hair from your face. We spoke about horses, you and your arabians and my barrel racing arabians. You had the most inquisitive allure to how I could possibly train an arabian for a timed event. I see now how the beauty and grace of the breed is so much a part of your life. My most fervent prayers are with you. And when you think you cannot cope, you’ll find away. I’m not near as strong as you; I became a widow 2 years ago at the age of 46. My mom died 5 months later from her battle with a defiant cancer – there in Amarillo. And I found a way to learn that the love really does go with them and that is a blessing in its self. Love and Peace your way from centrtal Texas

  9. 9
    kim Says:

    That was a very loving and touching video. I had no idea both you and your wife danced. I want you to know that no disease is bigger than God’s ability to heal you. He is the one and only healer. I don’t know if you know Him, but if you don’t you can. He knew you before you were even born. There is a reason for everything that happens in our lives even when we don’t understand, I believe there is a perfect plan that God has for each and everyone of us. I also believe that “All things work together for good…” You are in our prayers.

  10. 10
    Laura Guti Says:

    Patrick, hang in there buddy, my prayers are with you and your family…I am a big fan of you, and may God Bless You….

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