Olsen Twins In Playboy?

March 1, 2008

It seems Hugh Hefner is really focused on getting celebrities to do his centerfolds these days. He recently asked Lindsay Lohan to pose, and before that there were rumors of a Kelly Rowland spread. Now there are reports that Hefner wants the Olsen twins to pose for Playboy.

Hefner tried to get the Olsen twins to take it all off once before, on their 18th birthday, but they turned him down. Now he’s trying again, just in time for their 22nd birthday.

According to Star Magazine,

“Hef thinks the twins are every young man’s fantasy.”

Perhaps the Olsen twins were fantasy material once before, but still?

Unfortunately for Playboy, it looks like the twins are more interested in fashion and posing for Vogue than stripping down for a men’s magazine. There are also reports that the twins aren’t getting along these days. It seems there is some jealousy on Ashley’s end since Mary-Kate is getting all the acting roles. First there was the television show “Weeds”, and now Mary-Kate is set to star with Ben Kingsley in the movie “The Wackness”.

In other Olsen twin news, the two are said to be working on a coffee table book called “Influence”. The book will be all about fashion and include tons of photos of the twins by various photographers. It appears the rumors of a rift are just that – rumors.

See more photos of the Olsen Twins below and a clip of Mary-Kate in Weeds.

Mary-Kate Olsen Video – “Weeds”

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