Vincy Yeung is Edison Chen’s Girlfriend

February 17, 2008

Meet Vincy Yeung, the scandalized Asian actress and girlfriend of Edison Chen. See her bathroom shower photos, biography, and video tape here.

She was caught with her pants down in the Edison Chen sex scandal. Nude photos of her in the bathtub taking a shower surfaced that did not make her mother proud. But they are not bad pictures. They are artistic and she looks cute.

Vincy Yeung Biography

As a biography, Edison Chen’s girlfriend is the daughter of a very wealthy Albert Yeung who was the founder and CEO of a company called EEG. For some unknown reasons, dad was not very pleased with the scandalous photos so they called off the wedding that was planned.

Still, Vincy is sticking with her man. Does she have a choice since everyone in the world has already seen her boobs?

Yeung is 18 years old and still in school in Hong Kong. Her measurements are self evident by gawking. Her eyes are brown and hair color is dark brown.

The couple kept their relationship a secret for a long time and probably wish it still was secret. He always referred to her cryptically as ‘V’ until 2007 when he disclosed her name. They have been dating for three years.

Now we have late word that Edison continues to propose to Vincy and she is turning down the offer out of fear. Reports are that he has proposed over the telephone at least four times in the last week. He is afraid to return to Hong Kong to see Vincy Yeung because he is afraid of being prosecuted for possession of these shower pics and others on his computer. He is hiding in Vancouver Canada helping his mother move.

See more pictures and a video below.

Vincy Yeung Video Tape

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3 Responses to “Vincy Yeung is Edison Chen’s Girlfriend”

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    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Says:

    […] Yeung’s nude photos scandal – Right Celebrity addthis_url = ‘'; addthis_title = […]

  2. 2
    Noah Says:

    The last picture is not Vincy Yeung. That’s EEG singer Vincy Chan. They are two completely different person. lol.

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    fd Says:

    A lot of those pics are not Vincy,, lol get ya facts straight..=( thx for the info tho!