Wednesday Links!

February 13, 2008

What exactly does Lauren Conrad carry in that big ass bag? – I’m Bringing Blogging Back

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt once again rumored to be getting married – Defamer

Pamela Anderson doesn’t want anyone filming her strip show – Damn I’m Cute

The Spears boys are growing up fast – CityRag

Spencer Pratt says Heidi Montag’s next music video will be “very simple�?, “very entertaining�?, and will “blow people’s minds�?. Because that will be new – Best Week Ever

Eric Dane puts cancer rumors to rest with threat of a lawsuit – Mollygood

Dolly Parton cancels upcoming tour due to back pain – Pretty on the Outside

Tyra Banks may or may not have messed her pants at Fashion Week – The Superficial

Diane Keaton puts her Pacific Palisades home up for sale – The Real Estalker

ESPN’s Chris Berman talks about drug smuggling – Wax Heaven

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