Colin Farrell is Best Man in Brother Eamonn’s Gay Wedding

February 12, 2008

Colin Farrell’s brother, Eamonn Farrell, will marry his life partner, Steven Mannion, this spring and Colin will be there to stand by his side.

“Colin is a firm believer in gay rights and he is proud of his brother. He took Eamonn shopping for rings and intends to pick up the tab for the wedding.”

Provincetown, Massachusetts will be the site for the ceremony and Colin has apparently even helped in the preparations, starting with picking out the diamond and sapphire engagement ring.

There’s a whole different side to the “Irish tough guy” Colin likes to portray sometimes. He seems to be very supportive of his family. Whether that be a gay brother or his son James, who suffers from a rare neuro-genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome.

You can see more pictures of Colin and Eamonn Farrell below.

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2 Responses to “Colin Farrell is Best Man in Brother Eamonn’s Gay Wedding”

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    Lookin' Good For Jesus Makeup Pulled From Shelves | Says:

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    Kylie O'Reilly Says:

    A couple of points here – Firstly Colins son doesn’t ‘suffer’ from anything – he lives his life.
    Secondly – I hope Eamonn waits for a while and becomes the first gay man to legally wed his beloved in Ireland – the anti same sex marraige law has to be changed by an EU directive so the government will get around to it soon