Gillian Chung Sex Tape

February 12, 2008

Meet Gillian Chung, the Hong Kong actress and singer who is now in the center of a photos and sex tape scandal with ex-boyfriend Edison Chen. See photos and video of Gillian below.

Tongues are all wagging in Hong Kong as news of sexually explicit photos and a sex tape of pop princess Gillian Chung (the other half of pop duo Twins) with ex-boyfriend Edison Chen have been leaked all over the internet.

Chung has since come forward for the first time since the photos and alleged sex tape have been released, and apologized for the scandal.

“I admit that I was naive and very silly, but I’ve grown up now. I want to thank my company, family and friends for their concern. “As for the influence this incident has had on society, I apologise. In the coming days I will continue to focus on my work and face up to my life.”

Just days prior to Chung’s statement, her record company, Emperor Entertainment Group, released a statement that the photos that had been leaked were “digitally altered”. Chung has now admitted her involvement.

See the pictures here.

More photos and sex tape video below.

Gillian Chung Sex Tape Video

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    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Says:

    […] Gillian Chung sex tape scandal – Right Celebrity […]

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    commonpassenger Says:


  3. 3
    Sonny Says:

    I think if Vanessa Hudgens survived and to some extent Hannah Montana did too, she too will be fine. I think the sexy photos and videos are no longer news since every one seems to have one now.

  4. 4
    pussy Says:

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    nobody Says:

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  6. 6
    her lover Says:

    no all is wrong . gillian is innocent …….. stop all this about her .let her live her own life . you people have no right to interfere in anybody personal matters specially hers. don gujjar

  7. 7
    gillian lover Says:

    stop stop stop ….dont hurt her feelings. gillian is innocent .she is very nice. from: GUJJAR’S LEADER