Edison Chen Sex Tape

February 11, 2008

Here we go again. Sexually explicit photos and a sex tape, this time starring Edison Chen and and some well known Asian actresses. See the video below.

It all started when Edison Chen brought his computer in for repair. Unbeknownst to him, computer repair staff stole racy photos of Chen and some well known Asian actresses. All in all, there were over 1300 sexually explicit photos stolen from his computer and were leaked online last week. Several of the photos involve Chen giving oral sex to the pretty ladies (on separate occasions, heh) and the favor was of course returned. So, with 1300 sexually explicit photos on Chen’s computer, a sex tape is bound to be released soon…

The sexually explicit photos and sex tape scandal has rocked Hong Kong, with CNN even picking up the story. Edison Chen has made a public apology regarding the pictures and sex tape, urging people to not post the photos online. He has now been dropped from Steven Chow’s movie, Jump.

See photos and sex tape below.

Edison Chen Sex Tape Video

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