Viviane Castro, Carnival Dancer

February 8, 2008

Meet Viviane Castro, the dancing queen competing at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro who was disqualified for being underdressed. See her biography, photos and video here.

Ever year at Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival celebration, the ladies run around practically naked competing in the parade. But apparently being completely naked is not permissible. This year, Viviane Castro of the Sao Clemente team was disqualified after prancing around nude.

Viviane Castro Biography

As a biography, Viviane Castro is age 25. She is a Brazilian model and dancer. Not shy, Viviane appears nude in good portion of her photos.

At the 2008 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Viviane competed in the parade competition. Her dance and costume was to symbolize native Indians as they appeared to the Portuguese.

While near-nudity is permissible during the samba, complete nudity is apparently not. Viviane began the competition with a piece of glue-on fabric covering her nether regions, but it fell off midway through. And this sent the judges into fits, disqualifying the team from Sao Clemente, with whom Viviane was competing, for “exposed genitalia”.

Of the slip-up, Viviane said,

“Carnival is such a joy, you don’t think about other stuff.�?

See the video of dancing Viviane Castro below.

FM Dia 100.5 Video – Viviane Castro

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