Sophie Frederica Von Haselberg is Bette Midler’s Daughter

January 28, 2008

Sophie Frederica Von Haselberg is the spitting image of her mother Bette Midler. You can see her biography, video and photos below.

Sophie and Bette appeared on the Oprah Show discussing their life together and Bette’s return to the stage.

Sophie Frederica Von Haselberg Biography

Sophie was born November 14, 1986, which makes her age 21. Her parents are the Divine Miss M and Martin von Haselberg. She is currently a student at Yale University studying Sociology with a concentration in East Asian studies. Her mom gets to make frequent visits since she’s on the Dean’s Council at the Yale School of Architecture.

Along with the names Sophie and Frederica, she was also given the name Alohilani, which is a Hawaiian expression meaning “Aristocratic brightness.” Bette was born and raised in Hawaii until she moved to New York just after starting college.

As a child, Sophie appeared on television in Bette’s music video, ‘From A Distance.’ She also appeared in the film ‘Frankie and Johnny.’ It’s rare when a celebrity of Bette’s status has a child that stays out of the spotlight and seems to have a focus. Congrats to Sophie and Bette for seemingly raising her right in this climate.

See more pictures and video of Sophie below.

A picture of Sophie is nearly impossible to find. So is the video she appears in with her mom. The video I found of ‘From a Distance’ is Bette Midler alone, but Sophie may be in the ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ video below. If she’s not, it’s still a great song. If anyone can help out, let us know.

Sophie Von Haselberg Video

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