Paris Hilton Exposed – NEW ‘SEX TAPE’ Video

January 25, 2007

Paris Hilton’s sex secrets have been exposed, and we have a NEW VIDEO and photos below. We always try to be helpful to our readers.

You’ve all heard by now that a storage locker rented by Paris Hilton was confiscated and sold to a bidder for practically nothing. The new owner of her stuff claims to have all sorts of sex tapes and sexy goodies at a website called “”.

Turns out you are supposed to pay for access to the website, although you get one free sneak preview video. Also turns out that the video is mostly a compilation of Paris sex material that is already in public, so it leaves one suspecting that their big scoop is more of a dud than anything else.

However, they apparently do a have a sex tape between Paris and Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild infamy. That is interesting, and we’ll see if there is really much more. Needlessly to say, we will bring it all to you, whatever is forthcoming, so bookmark our Paris Hilton category archives right now! And while you are at it, check out our bad girls archive because ALL the hottest photos are there! Promise.

For the secret door, follow this post and click through to Sujet’s website because she has MUCH MORE on Paris Hilton’s very exposed body!

One of the juicy tidbits is they found a prescription for the herpes medication Valtrex. Who would have guessed that Paris Hilton might have herpes?

Read all about it here and here.

And read what the New York Post has to say …

January 25, 2007 — As if one night in Paris wasn’t enough, you can now take an extended tour.

The sex-crazed heiress is burning up the Web again – thanks to a couple of porn purveyors who posted a treasure trove of her most embarrassing personal items – including sleazy tapes, photos, love letters, medical records and even hundreds of celebrity cellphone numbers.

Hilton had kept all of the material in a storage locker when she moved from one Los Angeles mansion to another in 2004.

When she failed to pay a measly $208 storage bill, the goods were sold to an unidentified buyer – and then obtained by “Sultan of Sleaze” David Hans Schmitt and broker Bardia Persa.

The duo launched the site – – yesterday, charging $39.97 a month for access.


The Paris Exposed site which is horribly slow moving is here.

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2 Responses to “Paris Hilton Exposed – NEW ‘SEX TAPE’ Video”

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    Paris Hilton Fully Exposed - Exclusive Series » Right Celebrity Says:

    […] Paris Hilton Fully Exposed – Exclusive Series By Sujet Celebrities Here we go , as promised I have fresh and juicy material from ! Hot Videos, Hot Photos, secret scrapbooks and much much more from Paris Hilton and friends ! Stay tuned … […]

  2. 2
    Rhythm Says:

    Paris Hilton’s family has enough money to own first class storage facilities in every city in America.

    If you actually believe that someone forgot to pay her storage bill, and these are the items she doesn’t want you to see, then you just don’t get it.

    Paris Hilton is a creative marketing genius, the way she’s able to create so much publicity and scandal for herself. I’ll bet she’s even smarter than the average CEO executive.