Rihanna Photo Oops

January 12, 2008

Rihanna is the next celebrity to accidentally show it all in a see through dress.

Just last year Rihanna professed her fear of a slip, saying she didn’t want to end up like Janet Jackson, exposed for the whole world to see. She told The Sun,

“That’s the worst thing! You have to go for fittings to make sure the stuff is pretty secure!”

But here she is, daring to wear a nice dress without a bra. The camera flash is pretty good at picking these things up. And for having such fear of exposure, she sure does sport sheer a lot. And this black, skin-tight dress is not the first time it’s failed her.

But who’s complaining? See more photos of Rihanna below.

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One Response to “Rihanna Photo Oops”

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    skittlz Says:

    yo rihanna is a crazy ass motha fuka wat da hell is wronq wit her anywayz i need some advice