John Cusimano Is Rachael Ray’s Husband

January 11, 2008

John Cusimano is Rachael Ray’s husband. See his biography, photos and video here.

John Cusimano is the lead singer of The Cringe and also Rachael Ray’s husband. He made tabloid headlines when rumors were going around that he had an affair, and that his marriage to the 30-minute meal creator was on the rocks.

John Cusimano Biography

As far as a biography of John Cusimano goes, we don’t know much except his job, hobby, and who he is married to. See pictures below. He is a well-known lawyer and also a member of The Cringe, which is an American Rock band. John is the lead singer and his fellow band members are; lead guitarist Rob Levin, drummer Shawn Pelton, and bassist Matt Powers. His band has put out two studio albums, Scratch the Surface, which produced the singles “Burn” and “Been Alone.” Their second album, Tipping Point, caught the attention of Sony Music’s independent-rock division, Red Label.

John Cusimano is best known for his marriage to Food Network star, Rachael Ray. The two married in Montalcino Tuscany, Italy on September 24, 2005. The couple now owns homes in Lake Luzerne, New York, and Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.

Last December, Cusimano made tabloid headlines when Jeaninne Walz came forward claiming she had been having an affair with John since the start of his marriage. After several weeks of accusations, Rachael announced on her talk show that the rumors were false and getting out of control.

“Everybody gossips … but this stuff is hurting people’s feelings who are in our families and friends of ours…..”
“There’s always someone that’s going to be telling stories behind your back, but this is too much.�?

See more photos of John below.

Video of John Cusimano buying Michael Stipe’s lunchbox for 35K

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2 Responses to “John Cusimano Is Rachael Ray’s Husband”

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    Rachael Ray Does Not, I Repeat, DOES NOT Have Cancer! « There’s a Queer in My Soup Says:

    […] No word yet on whether or not celebrity cook is planning on removing the other lump in her life. […]

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    Cheryl Says:

    it’s funny that there are these mean spirited, self loathing people who like to try and mess up good people’s happiness…igore those kinds of people rach & john cause you two are da bomb! lol life’s too short to listen to those kinds of people who will go out of this world cynics,lonely and total losers! love ya both!!