Jackie Long is Serena Williams Boyfriend

January 10, 2008

Jackie Long is an actor and former boyfriend of tennis player Serena Williams. You can see his biography, video and photos below.

Jackie Long and Serena Williams were dating until recently according to her blog. Serena doesn’t specifically name Jackie Long, but it is widely speculated she was referring to him in her 600-word account of their break up on her official web site. Click here to read her heart felt entry.

Jackie Long Biography

As a biography, Jackie Long is 26-years-old, and according to his MySpace page, he is divorced, a Libra, and six feet tall with more to love. He also likes hip hop along with being an actor.

Jackie played Esquire in the movie ‘ATL’ and appeared in ‘The Comebacks’ and ‘Playas Ball.’ Long has also been in the music videos ‘What You Know’ by T.I., ‘Can’t Help But Wait’ by Trey Songz, and ‘Wait a Minute’ by RayJ. Jackie appeared on an episode of Nick Cannon’s MTV show ‘Wild ‘N Out’ with Serena. His next project scheduled for release this year is called ‘The Doorman.’

You can visit Jackie’s MySpace page here where he has a photo of Serena up and she is still his #1 friend.

See more pictures of Jackie Long below.

Jackie Long Video

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  1. 1
    kia bia Says:

    Wow 2 men on the beach

  2. 2
    Serena Williams’ old boyfriend Jackie Long: Williams & Long (photos) | Glimmer News Says:

    […] Serena Williams photos with Jackie Long -link. […]

  3. 3
    Gouchi Says:

    She can handle 2 wth her Booty and Booba’s

  4. 4
    slimgoody Says:

    who cares thats my man now!!!!!!!!!!