Eligible Bachelor Gary Zerola Accused of Rape

January 7, 2008

Gary Zerola, a former “Most Eligible Bachelor” in People Magazine, has been accused of raping three girls. See his photos and read more of this scandal below.

Gary Zerola will go on trial tomorrow, accused of raping two girls, one in 2004 and one in 2006. He is also charged in a separate case in Florida.

Gary Zerola Scandal

Gary Zerola is the youngest of seven children. When he was 3 years old, he was placed in a foster home. His parents had divorced, and his mother had fallen ill. Over the next ten years, Zerola lived in a dozen foster homes until he finally settled permanently in suburban Boston with a lawyer and his wife. In People Magazine, he was quoted as saying,

“Statistically speaking, I should be in debt or in jail because of the upbringing I had.”

Now he might be falling into one of those traps. Having been named one of People’s Most Eligible Bachelors in 2003, and almost making the cut for ABC’s “The Bachelor”, no one would suspect that Zerola would soon be on trial for rape. He was a successful criminal defense attorney who championed the cause of foster children. His law license has now been suspended.

Although his attorney says Zerola “is simply a man who meets women in bars,” the prosecutor in Boston says he’s a serial rapist who would groom women before sexually assaulting them.

In the trial that starts tomorrow, the woman accuses Zerola of taking her shopping and back to his apartment. She alleges that when she refused his sexual advances that he ripped off her dress and underwear and slammed her head into the wall.

In Miami, Zerola is accused of forcing a college student to take pills and sexually assaulting her. The girl woke up naked and bleeding next to Zerola and called police on her cell phone. Zerola denies having had sex with the girl, but he refused to take a DNA test. Zerola was in Florida while on bail in Massachusetts – he was not supposed to leave Massachusetts. He went to Miami to watch the Patriots-Dolphins game. He tested positive for drugs and alcohol at the time of his arrest.

Zerola has appeared as a guest on Fox TV’s “Power of Attorney,” “Judge Hatchett,” “The Connection” and “Chronicle.”

See more photos of Gary Zerola .

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3 Responses to “Eligible Bachelor Gary Zerola Accused of Rape”

  1. 1
    11+ Victims of Gary Zerola Says:

    11+ Victims of Gary Zerola:

    4 victims of Gary Zerola testified under oath about what happened to them. I have heard of at least 3 other victims that came forward and told police similar stories. Below are just 3 more blogs about 4 other victims of Gary Zerola. So far that is 11 women who all claim they were victims of Gary Zerola. There are many many more blogs posted by other victims of Zerola. Think about it. He is clearly a serial rapist and needs to be put away.

    “4 years ago Gary Z managed to gain the trust of my family through business ties he has with my father and then drugged and raped my sister as soon as he had a minute alone with her. Luckily he never got his hands on me. This loser behind being put away is the best news I’ve ever heard! I can only hope that his fellow inmates teach him what it feels like to be manhandled.”
    Boston Herald

    “a similar situation happened to me with gary, but i never reported it, and i was also 18 years old.”
    -a girl
    Boston Herald

    “Gary Zerola raped two friends of mine about 9 years ago. The last thing they remember was Gary buying them drinks at West St. Bar. They woke up naked next to Gary in the morning. Gary made sure he put enough drugs in their drinks so they wouldn’t remember how they got there. They do know that they were raped. Neither of them had ever blacked out before in their lives. Read the blogs on Gary Zerola…. other’s have similar stories”
    – Florida International University Beacon

  2. 2
    11+ Victims of Gary Zerola Says:

    you’ll get what’s coming to you
    Apr. 2, 2008 at 10:35 PM
    Posted by BURN IN HELL GARY
    “these girls are absolutely telling the truth. how do i know? i’m in the same boat. i hope gary is miserable and tainted for the rest of his life, just like the girls he abused.”
    -Boston Magazine

    ” Boston magazine has found reference in court documents to prosecutors’ allegations of a fourth incident, involving a young woman who claims her friends had to whisk her away from Zerola after he allegedly drugged her, though no charges were ever brought.”
    -Boston Magazine

    See what kind of person he is for yourself:


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    Thetruthaboutgary Says:

    Gary, who not only is a woman hater – spent most of his time as a prosecutor getting girls and women to tell and retell the details of their rapes to which he would take great delite. Also, he was a member of Rise, and after-hours mostly gay bar in Boston.
    He needs to stop harming women in order to find himself.
    When he speaks before foster children he makes himself cry, then he give us his home phone number and tells us to call anytime. But, he has a little trick. To the girls he gives the correct number. To the boys he gives the correct 9 digits then “accidentally” makes the last number wrong. This way if he is found out, he can say it was a simple mistake.
    I know that if investigators look into all the foster children he made contact with they will find women and girls who have the same horrific story to tell: They go out. They do conventipoal drugs like pot, or pills or X; then he slips them the other drugs. He rapes them. Then he stays with them all night so he can “help” them get over their hangover. He knows most won’t go to police because then they have to admit they also did the illegal drugs – before he drugged and raped them.
    He has a hatian friend who is is wingman and who helps him. He used to hang at a place in Boston called westside grill, and do this to many women.
    He knows the legal crap and how to plan his court defense as he is doing the crimes.
    he will NEVER agree to a polygraph – even for the sake of proving to his own attorneys he did not do it.
    His lawyers should not let him take the stand and lie because now the lawyers who know he is lying are breaking the law themselves.