Alicia Guastaferro Is Wife Swap

January 2, 2008

Meet Alicia Guastaferro, the 15-year-old beauty pageant participant and daughter of the latest star of “Wife Swap”, Karen Guastaferro. See her biography and photos here.

“Wife Swap” returned tonight, January 2, 2008, with a vengeance. Pageant mom Karen Guastaferro made headlines when she discussed how spoiled her daughter was, even admitting that she and her husband buy their daughter, Alicia Guastaferro, something everyday.

Alicia Guastaferro Biography

As a biography, Alicia Guastaferro is 15 years old of age and lives in Buffalo, New York.

Alicia has been participating in beauty pageants since she was 11 months old. In 2000, she was named Little Miss Buffalo. In 2003, she was named Miss Congeniality in the Gingerbread Nationals. In 2005, she won Outstanding Sportwear in Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen 2005 competition. In a 2006 Outstanding Teen competition she won the “Jubilee” award.

Guastaferro also participates in gymnastics. She was named to the Inferno team of the Greater Buffalo Elite Heat. And she makes the grades – in 2005 she made the honor roll.

So what could possibly go wrong? In 2008, her family starred on the premiere episode of “Wife Swap” on ABC. The Guastaferro family is fairly wealthy and believes in showering their daughter Alicia with gifts. For New Year’s, she got a 2008 Chevy Tahoe … and she’s not even old enough to drive it. The car was only one gift of 364 given in 2007, because the family believes in giving Alicia a gift everyday. Karen Guastaferro says,

“We do have a Christmas tree year-round and she does get a gift everyday. Its not like big gifts everyday, but she does get a small reward, like makeup or small item. Its kind of like the simple, enjoy everyday — It’s Christmas every day.”

So of course Alicia is a fan of the life she gets to live.

“I live a very carefree life where I have no chores. I have anything I want, I get. Its a great life. I love it.”

The real world is going to be interesting, honey. Alicia also said on the show,

“I do feel sorry for people that are not gorgeous people,” Alicia said on the show.

But not as sorry as they feel for you, Alicia.

See more photos of Alicia and a classic “Wife Swap” video .

See a clip of the show here.

“Wife Swap” Video

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45 Responses to “Alicia Guastaferro Is Wife Swap”

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  1. 1
    Anonymous Says:

    I’m sorry but someone needs to take this girl out back and smack her! She is the most self centered, bratty, little witch I’ve ever seen in my life. If my daughter acted like this I would smack her across the face. You do not treat people the way she does and get rewarded. Her parents are just as much to blame. They need parenting classes just as much if not more than Britney Spears. This girl is not a beauty queen of any kind because she may have physical beauty but inside she is beyond wretched. She is evil, ugly and should not be a role model for any little girl, person or hell, human being. We should all strive to not be anything like her.

  2. 2
    Live in Toronto Says:

    The “sparkle” parents have some real problems. The father is one of the creepiest people I’ve ever seen on TV. Did anyone notice that when they were criticized, they immediately got hostile, defensive and rude and called the other family names? And, what kind of daughter do they think they’re raising? She is a spoiled idiot. I’m an only child from a wealthy family too and my parents would NEVER tolerate that behavior. Sadly, she’ll probably have her own reality show sooner rather than later. Those kinds of people are the root of all evil and greed in our country.

  3. 3

    Ha, wow, finally someone agrees with me. You people think she’s spoiled? SEE HER AT SCHOOL. Jesus. Everyone calls her wife swap. She is THE SINGLE MOST spoiled brat i have ever met. I sit next to her in english. You people would get a kick out of her trying to read. Why? Because she can’t! Because her mom does her homework for her.

    It’s disgusting Alicia, and i hope you read this.

  4. 4
    PEIchick Says:

    This wife swap episode truely disturbed me, I am only 24 years old but to know that the times have changed so much since the time that I was in school is scary. How could any teacher in thier right mind allow work, that they must be brain dead not to realize is not done by this air head, still to be passed in and nothing done about it. How any young girl(she is certinly not a women) can depend so much on anyone is degrading to the female population. And I would like to know how any parent can also be proud of having their child depend on them so much, does a parent not get more joy when they see their child doing things for themselves and growing more independant everyday? I really hope that if anyone does live in the town with this family that they do stop supporting the window tinting business that the parents have and that little miss pris has to get out to the real world and work like the rest of us, and if anyone reading this is like me I would love to run into her working so I could make her cry….

  5. 5
    Let'sGoBuffalo Says:

    As hideous as she looked on TV, I felt really sorry for Alicia. She is a product of those awful, tacky, bizzare parents. Her mother is living creepily and vicariously through her and her father was obviously a little too “involved” in her looks. ICK! Imagine having parents like that. I live in Buffalo and I was SO EMBARASSED that this family went on national television and represented us that way – as if our reputation around the country doesn’t suck enough.
    I think this show is going to do some serious damage to this family’s way of life. Number one, her father basically incriminated himself and his business in an unfair workplace or EEO lawsuit that anyone decides to try and file against him. He basically said he would hire someone based on their looks over someone less attractive with qualifications. All anyone has to do is take an cute girl with no knowledge of his business and an unattractive, highly qualified girl and send them both in for an interview. If the attractive one gets hired over the qualified one (like the idiot of a businessman father said he would do), there is video proof and a 10 million person audience of evidence against him. Moron.
    Secondly, I seriously doubt any of that girl’s teachers are going to believe she does any of her own work from now on. They can investigate it and fail her for that. Watch it happen. Also, she is going to have a hard time getting accepted to college by ANYONE who saw this – let alone dentistry school! LOL!
    Finally, the best part of the whole thing was the very end, when neither the girl or her father could read the word “crutches” (and the father even said “CROTCH”! HAHAHA!)
    There were so many things wrong with that family that we lost track. If I were them, I would consider agreeing to that show one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Seriously.

  6. 6
    Sparklehater Says:

    I seriously enjoyed reading the other comments here as I couldn’t agree more. Elizabeth…thanks for letting me know she’s being deservedly ridiculed…it makes me feel better in some perhaps twisted way. Anyway, the father is a total creep and I think anyone can see that his relationship with his daughter is all wrong – in more ways than one. He and his track-suit wearing black-eyed wife have created a monster that the rest of us will unfortunately have to live with and probably have to support with our tax dollars. If it weren’t already obvious, these people made me sick and as much as I’m ashamed to say it – I truly wish ill upon the parents and feel a bit sorry for the helpless moron they’ve created.

  7. 7
    Werenotalllikeher Says:

    My sister used to go to school with her, So she gets the news on whats going on. In everyone of her classes, they wrote America on the boards. When she saw this, she told them they told her to say this. To which another student responded “Did they tell you to say that you’re popular too? cause you’re not bitch” Were not all like this in Buffalo.

  8. 8
    who's the loser Says:

    I absolutely dislike that father. What a pig! That family has NO class! Name calling, living through their daughter,and what parent tells their child they would not feed the food they cooked for the first time to the dogs! I can’t believe HE accused the other mom of abuse. He was totally abusive. What adult calls a child names and attacks their self esteem? oh yea, Karen does. Karen looks like a washed up 60 year old alcoholic (she is only 40) I was very impressed at how well Angie handled herself while Alicia and Ralph were hostile snobs. Alicia keeps saying she really is a nice person- total crap, nice ONLY if you have something that will benefit HER actions speak so much louder than words!

  9. 9
    Mom2Srv Says:

    Sheesh! These responses are scary! Why the strong feelings against this family? I didn’t agree with their methods of parenting or viewing the world, but I don’t think they are evil or any of the other invectives listed here. They are an older couple who had a daughter later in life, with whom they are delighted and, in their own misguided way, are lavishing with privilege. The girl wasn’t hideous or illiterate, but she was, perhaps, not quite all that she’s been pumped up to be.

  10. 10
    pop on the pop - celebrity news, pictures and weird news stories Says:

    […] tears on New Year’s Eve – ND Beauty pageant spoiled brat from this week’s Wife Swap – RC Why is Britney going to be hospitalized for at least 2 weeks? – AIW Lauren Conrad is totally THAT […]

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