Isha Sesay is Sexy News Anchor

December 29, 2007

Meet Isha Sesay, the gorgeous CNN anchor who is making a splash on television sets around the world. See her photos, biography, and video here.

She first anchored the CNN Newsroom show on December 29th, 2007, which won a million more fans. Others are calling her sexy. While we cannot disagree with such a keen assessment of womanly charms, Isha Sesay also knows what she is talking about.

Isha Sesay Biography

She was born in the United Kingdom but her family is originally from Sierra Leon where she lived as a girl. Her mother was a PHD, college professor, and low-level politician. Her father was a lawyer who tragically died of hepatitis after visiting India in 1988.

“I remember as a child my father would never tell me the meaning of a word if I asked him. He would insist that I went to the dictionary and look it up for myself. At the time I was annoyed by it but I now realize he was teaching me to be a seeker of knowledge.”

Isha Sesay was always a smarty, returning to England when she was only 16 years old to study English at Trinity College, Cambridge. She became an instant career success in the UK landing various news and sportscasting rolls on the BBC network and Sky News, while eventually landing the cheerful morning anchor for ITV1’s “Early Morning News.”

Her meteoric biography continued in the United States in 2005 when she became an international anchor for CNN based in Atlanta. While working with CNN Isha has hosted a city guide series for called “Hotspots” and presented for an art series called “The Artclub.”

Isha is the right combination of brains and sexy news anchors. See all of her pictures and video treat below.

Isha Sesay Video

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  1. 1
    Kay Says:

    I will be glad know if Isha is marry.
    Am single, a Medical Doctor in England, if she is single, I will like to marry her. If she is married, I wish her all the best in her married life.

  2. 2
    sam Says:

    am reall happy about isha, she fine lovely and very smart. i wil like to chat wit her if possible

  3. 3
    francis Says:

    der’s somtin spercial about u.u publish in adifrent way.i;l like to have a cha wit u.

  4. 4
    YOSEF Says:

    Im a West African who knows Siere Leone very well and Im delighted to learn,recently,that ISHA is of Siere Leonean decent.I have appreciated her on the tube for a very long time and I want to be her fan.

  5. 5
    Kalifala Donzo Says:

    Hi Isha sesay
    I wish to greet u, I hope that u are well.I am liberian,Mandingo by tribe,I like to chat will u,I very prid of u.

  6. 6
    siyad hajir Says:

    i always like to hear the voice of isha sesay,when i dont see her on tv for aday,to me is as if i havent seen her for years.
    I could have realy chat with her, but idon’t have her email,please isha sesay send for me your email if you dont mind ,otherwise i will keep’on thinking of you always.
    well done ishay .

  7. 7
    kay Says:

    my name is kay abayo,am in to show biz in vienna Austria,i have a new project for Africa which involve your face and standard.i want you to be part of this project.kindly contact on

  8. 8
    Bernard Quarshie Says:

    Is Isha single? Bernard

  9. 9
    sesay Says:

    4real am very happy as a sierra leonean, it his a proud for our country. good job and keep doin ur thing.

  10. 10
    eric pande saka Says:

    hi guys i would like to get intouch with isha sesay please if possiable give her my email adress and let her get in touch thank you

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