Victoria Bergsman Is A Swedish Singer

December 27, 2007

Meet Victoria Bergsman, a Swedish singer-songwriter formerly of the indie band The Concretes. She recently broke out on her own for a solo career. See her biography and photos here.

Victoria Bergsman provided guest vocals to the PB&J single “Young Folks”, which was recently named one of the best songs of the year.

Victoria Bergsman Biography

As a biography, Victoria Bergsman was born on May 4, 1977 in Sweden, so her age is 30. She is a songwriter, musician and vocalist. She was the lead singer of the indie band The Concretes from 1995 until 2006. She has since been recording her solo project, Taken by Trees, which should be released in May.

Victoria says she left The Concretes because she didn’t like being away from home on tour. She also told Spin,

“True art can’t be made in a democratic group, where everyone gets to have their say.”

Before becoming a musician professionally, Victoria worked as a chef. After serving “spoiled” patrons who got to eat out just because they could afford it, she decided she wanted to make food for people who couldn’t do it themselves. So she began cooking for a home for people with Down’s Syndrome.

Someone thinks she’s the best dressed singer in pop. I might differ, but to each their own. And does anyone think she has an uncanny resemblance to someone? A Beatle perhaps? Like, say, Paul McCartney?

See more photos and the “Young Folks” video .

“Young Folks” Video – Victoria Bergsman

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