David Beckham, Gay Icon

December 26, 2007

David Beckham knows he’s a “gay icon”, and he’s loving it. After discussing Victoria Beckham’s influence on the way he dresses, David says,

“I’m very honoured to have the tag of gay icon. Maybe it’s things like (the fact) I like to look after myself, I like to look smart and presentable most of the time.”

David has certainly come a long way since his early days as Mr. Posh. Check out this sarong he once rocked:

At least it was Jean-Paul Gaultier I guess. Victoria has even said that David likes to wear her underwear.

The Beckhams are just a total enigma to me. I can watch 30 Barbara Walters’ specials and still have no idea what goes on behind their doors. It could be as normal as a suburban family dinner to David running around in leopard print thongs kicking soccer balls at chandeliers – it’s really anyone’s guess.

See the Barbara Walters Special .

The Beckhams on Barbara Walters – Video

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